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    Seems like something is getting rid of any appointment more than about a year old. I'm synchronizing Datebook5 on my Treo 600 with Outlook, and I'm using Sprint PCS Biz Conn. I have auto-archive turned off for my Calendar in Outlook, and the exchange server has no retention policies. Can anyone suggest what might be causing this? I imagine it's some kind of clean-up feature in one of the the systems (Outlook, Exchange, Datebook5, BizConn), but I can't figure it out. Thanks!
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    Are the appointments still in Outlook and just not being kept on your Treo?

    If the appointments are still in Outlook -- then it probably is a Treo software setting for how much back data to carry. (This setting for how much back data to sync may be in Hot Sync manager, I am away from my desk at the moment and cannot verify where I have seen those settings.)

    If the appointments are no longer in Outlook -- then it sounds like an Outlook setting or server that your Outlook is on setting.
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    I have the same issue. It seems that you can set (in Versamail) how many "past" emails should be sync'd (up to one month), and that has correlating effect on the calendar entries.

    I've got 8 years of appointments (that I regulary search on) that are in Outlook (and sync'd fine with my old Palm Vx) and would love to have them all on my Treo 650.

    Would appreciate if anyone has found a way to force Versamail/Activesync to sync ALL calendar entries.

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    I am using the Palm Desktop for my Treo 650 (and my prior T3). My "old appointments" go back to 09/01/03 on my Treo. I have "recurring" appointments that go older than that. As I said, I am not home, so I cannot look at my desktop to see if there are older apointments that are on the desktop but are not on the Treo (but I believe so) or if the Hot Sync manager is where you set your desired date range. I will check it out tonight.
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    Old appointments are also being removed from Outlook/Exchange. Thanks.
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    My old appointments are still in Outlook. However, I'm sync'ing with Versamail and ActiveSync with Exchange 2003. When you set that up, the HotSync with Calendar to Outlook is disabled (as it is handled over the air with Versamail).

    I'm not sure what happens if you set the HotSync to sync btwn Calendar and Outlook in addition to having the Versamail sync'ing going. Sound like a recipe for trouble.


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    Quote Originally Posted by barcolounger
    Old appointments are also being removed from Outlook/Exchange. Thanks.
    Sounds like an Outlook issue. I do not think the Treo can command Outlook to get rid of all appointments older than . . . . . ??

    You can erase and add individual events -- that will go upstream to Outlook, but, again, all events of a certain date?

    Got an Outlook help desk in your company?

    Good Luck.
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    I think the old appts. are being eaten by the Langoliers...

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