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    C'mon guys, it's already May and no one has posted any Treo 700 rumors. Let's post some rumors. Lack of credible news and sources has never stopped us before.
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    ^i know there is a chance that the Treo 700 be will code-named Le Barbara, or caged fighter
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    Interesting that you say that, I heard that the code name is platypus or emu. Either way, What I can't figure out is how they are going to fit in the 10X optical zoom in the camera. Who needs a 12 megapixel treo anyway? Too bad the camera only shoots in RAW grayscale.
    Do you really think they will release it on Verizon first? That's what my sources say at least. Since Verizon has been in talks with Sony to only carry phones with Memory Stick support, I guess that means that emu/platypus will have dual memory slots.
    Someone better send all of these facts to gizmodo or engadget.
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    Only thing I have seen is this from post #1242 in the infamous T5 WiFi Thread :

    Quote Originally Posted by BARYE
    Just attended another trade show where I spoke to a fairly senior P1 executive --- bottom line: there will NEVER be drivers for ANY SD wifi on the 650.

    The explanation is that it would require recertifying the rom for each carrier (and getting their seperate,and unanimous approvals) before any driver could be released that potentially could affect the cellular radio.

    He declared decisively: "IT AIN'T GOING TO HAPPEN."

    P1 lacks the manpower (and brain power) to allocate the resources for all thats needed to do this.

    The sled is all there will be. They are not cooperating with any 3rd party developers (SanDisk, C-Guys) to help them do it either.

    The only hint of a future change was the statement: " has finally gotten it -- our next Treo will definitely have wifi ..."
    Better late than never I guess...

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