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    I have a brand new Sprint Treo 650 waiting for me to activate this weekend, what do I need to do to prevent some of the issues that the 650 has had?

    I love the idea, and am pretty psyched about using it for business purposes (Sales rep. lots of email, and excel order forms).

    I would love to learn from your experience to prevent some of the problems you all have experienced. Besides my wife is freaking over the price, and I can't face her if it doesn't work.

    I plan on using the following apps. besides what is in the box,

    Expense Log Pro
    Franklin Covey Outlook Express

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    I'd start by searching on the name of each app you plan to install, and see What other users experiences have been.
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    I's recommend installing them one at a time, and living with each one for a few days to check for errant behavior in your 650.
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    Check and make sure your new Sprint 650 has the 1.08 upgrade, some of the Sprint Store fronts do not have Internet access and will not have made this update for you.

    Go to, click on support, click Sprint Treo 650, scroll down to downloads, and read up on the 1.08 upgrade -- on how to do it and how to check if your new Treo 650 needs it.

    If it does not have the update yet, make sure you do that first and then start with the above suggestions. (Among other things -- this update fixes the way the Treo 650 uses memory -- giving you "more" space.)

    Enjoy your new Treo -- awesome device -- don't forget you can make it into your IPod!!

    Install Documents to Go!! Handles MSExcel and MSWord files that are attached to your e-mails.

    Get an SD Card! 512mb minimum, 1 GB great, new 2GB awesome. Of course 150 songs at 5mb each do fill a card fast, but I was thinking more in lines for your Documents to Go storage of documents . . . .

    Cheers, Perry.

    p.s. Franklin Covey Outlook Express? I used the prior Franklin Covey "desktop" for awhile on my prior PDAs and decided simpler was better. I now use the Palm Desktop software and am quite happy. (But I do miss the Frankllin Covey "To Do" aplication.) I know people are sync-ing to Outlook with no problem -- so my hesitation here is probably unwarranted.
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