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    Hello all, I just recently received a Treo 650 from my company and am enjoying this device quite a bit. My productivity has been well enhanced.

    I do have one possible dumb question that I am hoping the forum can help me with. My Treo has a Blackberry like service installed (Good Technology) which enables it to receive e-mails wirelessly and on a real time basis. But I can't find a way for my Treo to vibrate (in addition to making an audio alert) whenever I receive an e-mail. I tried the Sound and Alert section on the Treo and toggled the vibrate option to "on" and still have no luck.

    Any help is much appreciated.

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    There should be a section in the email program for this I think, or you need to toggle to the email/mail section in the sound preferences. There are different sound and vibrate settings for various applications in the sound preferences.
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    Thanks, rye&ginger. Under the Sound and Alerts section, the only applications you can change the alerts options are general, calendar, messaging, and phone. I have toggled the vibration to be on in all sections already.

    As for the e-mail section, there were no alert setting adjustments under its menu.
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    i am having the same issue and i'm not running another software. i can't get my phone to alert me when i get ane-mail when my phone is on vibrate.

    in versamail under option /preferencees/autosync you can change the alert but only when you phone is on not when its on vibrate
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    Just get Chatter:
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