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    This is the first time I have attempted to ask a question in TreoCentral, so I am not sure I am doing this correctly but - here goes.
    I got a Treo 650 about 6 weeks ago and have service through Sprint. Everything seems to be working fine except, every day at least 6 times a day, I get an alert that I did not set. The Treo goes ba-bing, ba-bing, ba-bing and brings up the alert screen, showing the choices of Done, Snooze and Clear All at the bottom of the screen. One day, this will happen at 8:02, 9:25, 10;04, etc. The next day, it will be 8:32, 9:03, 11:14, etc. There does not seem to be a pattern, any particulat time between alerts or any particular time of day that this happens but it happens every day and I don't know what is causing it or how to stop it. Any insight or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. El Sid.
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    Welcome aboard El Sid!

    Have you trialed some clocks or alarms and possibly forgotten them or maybe there are some remnants of them left since you removed them?

    Can you list what programs you have loaded for our analysis?
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    Get Palm Internals (google it, or go to MTDN downloads). Run it and it'll show you all of the applications that have pending alarms (make sure you get the newest version, otherwise it may not tell you which application set the alarm).

    That'll at least let you know who is queued to bother you. Each application will only show up once, for the NEXT time that it will activate. After the alarm is processed, the application will register the next one.

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