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    i am searching desperately for the voicemail reminder beep. (not the initial voicemail tone, but the reminder beep that goes on for 1/2 hr - 1 hr) DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE IT IS AND HOW TO ACTIVATE IT on the TREO 650?

    EX: I walk away from my Treo650 which is buried on my desk or in my handbag, sure enough phone rings (i don't hear it), then the voicemail message plays (i don't hear it either). I come back to my desk and continue working until hours later, I pick up my phone and see the message! If only it would have beeped like my old phone, I would have known there was a message there. Has ANYONE discovered how to do this??? I need the reminder beep!! I will be eternally grateful!
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    There is no reminder tone that I know of for voicemail. There are third-party applications that will add this nag feature. I suggest you do a quick search for Treo 650 on the site to find programs that enhance the 650. You should surface a few options that way. Butler is one program that I believe offers this.
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    Thank you mwomwom! I will do it! I need to be nagged! I can't believe I have to hunt for this feature. It came on every cell phone I had and every pager to boot! Unbelievable! Does anyone know an application - going to ck Butler.
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    I use Treo Alert Manager Works great
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    Hey James, I downloaded the Treo Alert Manager trial and sent myself a few messages from my landline. Much to my dismay, I did not get a message envelope appear. I did get the alert every few minutes that I missed a call but did not get the envelope indicating a message. What gives?
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    If you left yourself a message and never got an envelope that nuts. I never herd that one before. Dont know what to tell you. Does it still happen if you delete Alert manager?

    I got to thinking about it and you know whats better than Treo Alert Manager is Butler Its an alert manager, key guard, led control, shortcut launcher blah, blah, blah all in one.

    I didnt know abou butler when I got my treo so I ended up installing all these.
    alert manager
    led off
    treo guard

    Butler does them all and more.

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