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    I have a new 650...used a 600 for about 18 months.

    After getting everyting going I got an error message at boot up on my PC that said EASNotify.dll isn't loaded.

    Can't find any information on this DLL any one know anything?
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    A yahoo search on this thing came up with 0 hits
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    Do you have this dll in your PC? See who own's it by displaying properties, etc. Looks like a 3rd party software.
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    EAS is Exchange ActiveSync. I presume this is some part of the direct email and calendar synch with Exchange. Have you setup an EAS linkage to Exchange?

    The DLL file is supposed to be in your c:\program files\palmone directory. Even if you find it there, it may have dependent registry entries that are not created properly. I suggest you re-install the Palm Desktop software from the CD after you turn off and then on your PC.
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    Thanks to MWOMWOM...sent me in the right direction and i got it fixed...DLL belongs to Palm.

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