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    OK! Here's the deal:
    I'm going to high school next year, and I don't have a cell phone. Even my mom thinks I need one. Thing is, she wants to give me some free pre-paid cell she can get with her plan. It is a plain and basic (read: boring and cheap) model, and I want more. I want a Treo 600 (which I can trade in for a 650 once it breaks...but that's another story). I see it like this: I am an overachiever. She knows it. I will be going to a big, busy high school that has all kinds of activities that I will of course take part in. I have this dream of a new beginning in high school (I'm very goal times to the point of being obsessive about the future but, again, I digress) and I want to make sure everything goes perfectly so I can be announced valedictorian and head off to an ivy league. Anyway, the Treo 600 has a large role in that dream. First of all, the social aspect. I will be going to a pristigious private school whose students have biological "connections," if you will. By networking with my fellow students, I will be setting up a foundation for success later in life. Many people, when I was debating the decision of private vs. public school stressed the point of making the right connections. Now, onto organizational aspect. Anyone who knows me knows that I am the type to participate in activities, organizations, etc. that will further my chances for success and recognition. If I want to successfully juggle all of the activities I am bound to be a part in, I will need some way to keep track of things. That's where the Treo comes in. It will keep me on track of where I need to be at what time and for what reason, and eliminate "overbooking" myself (it has happened before). Furthermore, it will allow me, more importantly, to stay on top of academic tasks, take class notes, etc. I believe this will help me perform on a level that is satisfactory for both my mother and myself. One problem-- my mother thinks the Treo 600 is too much for me ("You're only 13!" Only for a few more weeks, mommy dearest). Frankly, I think she may be afraid of the technology. I told her some of the Treo's capabilities, and she managed to give me a way to do it without the Treo, or explain how I don't do it anyway. For example, I tell her it plays music. She says I don't listen to that much music anyway. I say it has internet capabilities. She says I have a laptop. I tell her it has a great organizer. She has the audacity to tell me to use a pen and paper! Then she goes on about how I don't care for the dog I wanted (FYI, I wanted a CAT or nothing at all-- SHE got the dog on her own), don't use the exercise equipment she bought me (1st of all she bought that thing for herself, and she doesn't use it either; secondly, the video game fitness program was indeed my idea, but I use it when it fits into my schedule, and it hasn't lately. I fully intend to resume the program once school is out for the summer), and that I don't do my chores without her telling me (if I had the Treo, I could set it to remind me to do chores... I should mention that later, not to mention she actually forgets to pay BILLS! Then she got upset b/c she had to pay $100 to get the phone cut back on. I can, of course, just go to my grandmother who is perfectly willing to buy it and pay the monthly bill, but I would prefer it if my mom were to at least pay part of the bill. 25% even! But she still refuses. So, what can I say/do to convince her that I do need a Treo 600? (I was thinking of putting together a PowerPoint presentation...) Thanks in advance for being the helpful posters I know you are! And thanks for your patience in reading this long post!
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    I bought my daughter a palm when she was 12 hoping that with the spell checker, dictionary, checkbook registry, flashcard programs, alarm datebook, encyclopedia, atlas and contacts list, she would be everything I wasnt growing up, (organized, knowledgeable and conciderate in remembering special events). I also put a video/music player and some games on there so she would keep track of it.

    So far it has worked very well, she never forgets a birthday, she keeps great track of her bank account, has a great curiosity and a resource to satisfy it at any given time. The majority of what you learn does not come from a classroom, you pick it up in bits day to day, so the ability to put a world of information in something palm size that you can take anywhere in invaluable. For instance, Im at the park yesterday and my 3 year old asks what snails are good for, we stopped and looked it up in World Book, I wouldnt trade that next 5 minutes of learning together for anything. You never realize how valuable these little devices are untill you have one for awhile. So I understand why your mother thinks its more than what you would need, but I tell you what, I wish I would of had something like this when I was your age. I have never been so organized as I am now. I have never kept such good track of my finances. I hope this is helpfull.
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    Forgot to mention the main reason why I myself bought the Treo. Its almost pointless to have a good organizer if you dont carry it all the time and no one takes their palm with them all the time. You just dont always think about it. But everyone will turn the car around and drive 4 blocks back to the house to get their cell phone. We take our phones with us constantly. Thats why its better to have a converged device like the Treo.
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    Thanks for the reply!
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    Not to sound motherly, but you are trying to convince your mother and us that you are a responsible over-achiever. I don't believe the way to do that is to waste your time and energy begging your mom (or worse, running to Grandma) to buy this luxury for you.

    I would be more apt to buy something for my children if the earned it rather than think they are entitled to it. Making excuses and blaming your mom for past acts of irresponsibility is not showing maturity.

    That being daughter just turned 9. She is in Target (a gifted program), Chess Club, an All-Star basketball player and has an extremely busy play schedule. She watched over her sister, mowed an occasional lawn, did the dishes and washed windows to earn her own cell phone. I am very proud of her and definitely feel she PROVED she was ready and EARNED it!

    Just something to think about...
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    Show her programs like this:

    DueYesterday 5.2.1 No Sleep Software Freeware $ 0.00
    Keeps Track of Homework Assignments

    Converter 2.20 M. March Freeware $ 0.00
    Converts units for science and tech courses)

    Diet&ExerAss't (Palm) 6.00 Keyoe Commercial $ 19.95
    Will help you plan an exercise routine for that unused equipment

    Kidschore 1.00 PDA SoftNet Shareware $ 7.99
    Kepps track sof Kid's Chores and allowances. Show her how YOU are going to pay for it by doing chores around the house until you get that job mowing lawns , shoveling driveways (northerners only) or delivering papers.

    Metro 5.2.8 Patrice Bernard Freeware $ 0.00
    Provided Publid Transportation Directiosn Schedules for those field trips

    SoundRec 1.05 Infinityball Freeware $ 0.00
    Lets you take verbal notes i.e. homework assignments

    SpaceTime 1.50 Two Stunads & Co Freeware $ 0.00
    Scientific Calculator

    Stop3Watch 2.20 Alfred Leung Shareware $ 10.00
    Let's you time yourself for test exams, experiements, etc

    TreoAlarm 0.98 SoftwareTrenches Freeware $ 0.00
    Wakes you up in orning and gets you dressed propery (weather)

    Bonzai 3.3.4 Natara Shareware $ 15.95
    Keeps track of project schedules

    Two of my son's 13 and 15 want Treo's too.....but it came down to a Treo versus a new monitor and vid card for their computers. Since it was money they earned, I don't say much about their spending choices (within reason of course). They chose new vid cards, new 19" LCD's and $50 phones over the Treo.
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    Also...needing the Treo to remind you to do your chores is NOT A GOOD argument, I wouldn't use that one if I were you. At almost 14, if your capable enough for a $200+ (more with monthly voice and data service) phone, you should be capable of remembering to do chores.

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