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    I personally wouldn't have even responded to her.
    People with zero feedback asking questions are just farming email addresses for spam in my experience.
    Don't be suprised if you start getting a lot of spam on the account you used to respond to her.

    Also, I have sold 2 phones on ebay successfully without giving away the ESN.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pabo
    Zero feedback people can be a problem on ebay. THink about it - the first thing you ever bought on ebay was a fairly expensive item??

    Buyer beware. I recommend that all buyers use their own preferred credit card. When I buy, I ask for an email with a full description, including the fact the phone can be activated with no additional cost. If this is not the case, it is merely a call to the cc company to report an item that is NOT as described, and an offer to return the item. I have done this with the purchase of a web domain and the cc company told me I was protected on the purchase.

    Think of it this way - either both of you are being honest, or one of you may be trying to scam the other.

    The buyer has to determine if you are scamming them, but has recourse (unless they send you cash). If they have no feedback, they are probably not verified on PAYPAL either, AND IF THEY ARE NOT VERIFIED, YOU MAY SEND THE ITEM AND HAVE PAYPAL RECIND THE PAYMENT - now you are out the device and the money.

    The seller has to determine if they are being scammed - let's see, they wan the ESN and have never bought before on ebay - how do they know what to do with the esn, and would someone actually spend this kind of cash on a first online purchase ?? Not to accuse them of anything, but there are probably other buyers out there.

    I've sold probably a dozen treos on ebay and NEVER provide the esn. Again it is who do you want take the risk....

    My first ebay purchase was a $900 computer. Every has to make there first purchase. You made you First purchase/sell once, and someone was supect of you.

    Plus ebay has a Forum, and Guide to purchasing Cell Phones. They clearly state to request the esn to prevent from being left with the sellers bills or to prevent from buying a phone that has been reported stolen.

    Believe Me, the Buyer is alway at a greater risk, then the seller on Ebay.
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    I also never provide an ESN; if you have the feedback rating to support it, just guarantee money back if there's an unpaid bill on the ESN.

    ESN can be used for all kinds of nefarious things; never give it out.
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    My feedback is in the twentys and it includes a used treo 300. I did not provide the esn for that. I don't really need her bid since my reserve has been met, I think I will play it safe for now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ClarenceCM3
    ...Believe Me, the Buyer is alway at a greater risk, then the seller on Ebay.
    This is not true. I have purchased items and been stiffed, with no recourse but getting a disconnected phone number and a vacant address from ebay.

    I had an issue where I sold a Treo to an unverified paypal address, and after a week, Paypal reversed the payment, even after I shiped the item. Luckily the buyer had a legitimate screw up, and made good on the payment.

    I still believe the only way to make sure you (the buyer) is protected is to use a good cc for the purchase. As a seller, even if you are protected, there are fees associated with a resolution thru Paypal or ebay.
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