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    Whenever I get a call waiting phonecall and click over to the 2nd person, my screen says the 1st call is "on hold" even though I've already told the person on the first line that I have another call and will let them go. Once I answer the 2nd call, there are two calls listed on my screen, both with the timers running, even though I am not going to clickback over to the first call.

    My question is, does this use up twice the amount of minutes on my plan? There does not seem to be a way to drop the first call and go to the second one without the timers running (a major flaw with the treo, I think).
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    well when you get the second call you should get the option to either hold and answer, or drop and answer. if you drop then you hang up on the first call. If you hold and the 1st caller doesn't hang up you technically have 2 calls at the same time and will use 2x the minutes. so either use the drop and answer button or make sure the 1st caller hangs up before you answer the 2nd.
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    I'm not sure mine gives that option...I think there is just the option to answer the second call....

    (I have a sprint treo 650)
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    It is a CDMA flaw (sprint) not Treo. It has to do with the network. And yes you get charged the minutes for both calls. GSM does not have this issue.
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    Let me correct this, CDMA doesnt have to do anything with that. All phones that I used prior to Treo had flash (answer) button to switch between calls. Its issue with treo and its frustrating. Also once you made a conference call, you can not hang up just one call and even though one party (among two) of conference call hang up or get disconnected, you still wont be able to initiate conference as treo will tell you that you still have two calls. I asked that when I was new with treo. Welcome to the world where you have to loose some of regular phone feature to gain complete smart phone experience :-).
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    We were told by Palmone at Treo road shows that it was CDMA. IThat is what I was told when I asked the question at the Dallas Roadshow. Others on this board were there that can confer. Now whether they lied is another story. I do know that it is not an issue with TREO 600/650 GSM models.
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    By reading that thread, apparently you can push "hang up all" and it will reconnect you with just the second call? Sounds really stupid. Has anyone tried this as a way of disconnecting the firsr call while retaining just the second?
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    i just tried calling my phone on my office line, established a connection and then called my phone again from office line #2. When the second call came thru, I answered it and line 1 was put on hold. I then hit "hang up all" and it disconnected both calls. Then, about 10 seconds later, the first line called me back.

    This does not make sense. I want to be able to hang up on the first call while retaining my connection with the second call. The lack of such a neccesity seems ridiculous; even on a $10.00 phone you can click over to the second call.

    It seems like Sprint could have done something but, perhaps they saw it as an easy was to make us eat up our minutes?? Additionally, this may present a problem for the first caller on line 1 because the line does not actually disconnect when you answer the second call thus not letting the first caller to disconnect and holding up their line.

    How hard would it be to design a hack or program that allows you to hang up on the first caller while remaining on the line with the second?

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