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    There is one particular website I would like to access for my business. I think the site runs on some form of Java and I can not seem to be able to log into the site on my Treo 650 using the Blazer browser. I am not really familiar with Java and didn't know if there was some sort of update I should look for and apply or maybe try a different browser altogether. Any advice would be greatly appreicated!!


    P.S. the website I am trying to log into is in case anyone else is familiar with logging into it with the 650.
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    You might want to try Xiino or Web Viewer. They might have some java support. I don't think Blazer has any--it does support some java script.
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    There is a Java download at P1 that is free for 650 owners. I downloaded it, but it took 2mb of memory so I deleted it. I don't know if this is what you need.

    Look under support downloads for the 650 at PalmOne.
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    I saw the WebSphere download at PalmOne. Looks like it's more for running apps than a web plug-in. I'll give it a try though and see if it does the trick.

    Do any of the other browsers available support Java on web pages that anyone knows of? I thought Blazer was supposed to.

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