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    I've had a Treo 600 since Oct '03.

    Yesterday I dropped the phone, and while it still appears to work fine, there's a big blue/orange splotch obscuring half the screen. I read on the forums that you can get the screen repaired, but I called the Sprint 800 number twice and my local Sprint store once, and the reps all said they don't repair them unless I have insurance - which I don't.

    Since I have to buy a new phone, I'm thinking of switching providers. I've been quite happy with Sprint - I've been a Sprint PCS customer in the NYC metro area since 1999. And I really like the data speed - I use my phone for email a lot.

    But I occassionally travel overseas on business (Europe, Asia), and I really would like voice calls to take priority over data transfers - so GSM might be nice.

    If I switch, I know will have to buy out the last 6 months of my current 2-year Sprint contract (~$150?), and it seems from reading here that the GSM data contracts are more expensive than Sprint by ~$5-10/month.

    If I stay with Sprint, I'm eligible for a $150 rebate on a new phone, so I'd have to pay about $450 for a 650. If I switch, I think I can get it for about $300.

    Or I can get a Sprint for about $300 vs a GSM 600 for ~$100.

    Sooooo...... what would you do?
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    I was in the same boat. I travel a lot internationally and really wanted a GSM phone. But with my retention plan and $10 unlimited access, I stuck with sprint. Didn't use my $150 upgrade though since it still would have been $500 with taxes. I got a new treo 650 off of ebay for $430. That way I can use the $150 upgrade on another sprint phone and sell it to recoup some costs.

    As for the GSM for travelling, I just got a little GSM phone for that.
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    does the $150 upgrade require purchase at sprint? i was reading the terms the other day and it didn't seem so. of course, ebay might not qualify if its a used item.
    i was checking to see if my free 650 from the contest might squeak by for the rebate.
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    Unlimited Data

    Sprint at $15 per month or $180 per year

    Everyone else at $40?? eqauls $480 per year.

    Sounds like a $300 a year savings. I do not travel, so I do not need the gsm world advantage and in my town Sprint has better coverage in the places I frequent than ATT/Cingular did.

    A Sprint 650 was a no brainer for me.
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    Well I ended up sticking with Sprint for the reason Perry listed - with Cingular, the bill would be about $75-85 per month, at Sprint it's about $55. Plus the buyout of my Sprint contract was going to be about $175. Plus, I'm traveling, and the local Cingular store could not issue me a phone with my home area code, or port my Sprint number - I'd have to wait til I get home.

    For the few times I go overseas, I can rent a GSM phone - and I'll live with Sprint's data-over-voice priority.

    But I did spring the extra $50 for the 650, instead of the 600.
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    Well ya can get a new Cingular for $299 at Amazon versus $450 for Sprint...advantage Cingular.

    Check the phone charges when ya buy, they keep changing so fast it's hard to keep up, but when I got mine there was 50 extra minutes for Cingular for the same price (850 vs 800)....advantage moving target....can't make call.

    Battery Life - 5 hours Sprint / 7.5 Cingular...advantage Cingular

    Data - $15 Sprint versus $25 Cingular. Data Speed on Sprint tops out at 80 Kbps. Data speed on Cingular tops out at 220 kbps. With small transfers.....few sentence e-mails, PDA specific sites, both will "feel" about the same as Cingular's data speed gets undercut by GSM's higher latency . With bigger downloads, full featured web sites, DUN and downloading large files, latency isn't a significant factor as latency only occurs between sends and that that 220 kbps is a real advantage. I rate data criterion as a draw since it depends on what type of user you are.....if you do small transfers, Sprint's $10 savings will get you back the extra $150 ya spent in 15 months....assuming both stay as they are which is doubtful. Well ya still gotta buy your international travel phone and pay that a bit more than 15 months. With larger transfers, Cingular's $25 MediaNet plan pays dividends and you may find the $10 premium over Sprint's $15 plan more than worth it.

    International Travel - advatage Cingular

    Coverage and M2M freebies - advantage cingular

    Overage costs - Advantage Sprint unless ya get caught with large unused blocks. Sprint now requires that you buy overage minutes at 10 cents a minute in 100 or 200 minute chunks, so depending on plan, if you go one minute over, you pay for 100 or 200. OTOH, Cingular charges more (.10 - .35) per minute depending on plan (limited to 1100 or more minutes in this comparision) .

    I have a one year contract and they'll be a new Treo by then so the way I looked at it, any purchase had to have a 1 year ROI or it wasn't considered. Now after all the above, the major factors in my decision were:

    1) the fact that here on eastern LI, there's really no comparision between the reception....advantage Cingular. I keep a second phone for dead spots and that's Verizon.
    2) Battery Life....the 50% advantage to GSM was important to me as I often am a long time away from a plug.
    3) Most of the people I am calling are on AT&Tingular and all those are free calls and don't eat up my minutes.
    4) I won't do more than rudimentary data with thumb typing so data wasn't a big deal to me. I can do more work faster and easier on my laptop...and anything I do more than 2 sentences can wait till I get to a land line.

    Here's PC Mag's comparison between the Sprint and Cingular models which was pretty one sided:,1759,1733585,00.asp
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    Here's your problem. Most GSM models are locked to their carrier, which means that the benefit of GSM (worldwide roaming) is not there. If you take your precious Treo overseas and pop in a prepaid SIM, you'll be sorely disappointed when it doesn't work. You'll have to use VZW/Cingular/ATTWS, and that's FREAKIN' expensive. That nullifies the roaming benefit. If you pony up the coin for an unlocked mode and are super careful with your toysl, then that's different.

    However, I found it was easier for me to get a Nokia GSM phone (or whatever GSM phone tickles your fancy) so that if I lost an accessory or phone, I wasn't crying in my beer... or bier... or biere, depending on where I may have been. I got a Nokia 8890 GSM: great reception, supeb battery life, accessories are available worldwide, and... let's face it, it's a *sexy* dadgum phone. That aluminium body, the slider cover...

    Sorry, a little unrequieted love for the Nokia 8000 series. I'll shut up now.
    -Craig J.

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    I'm sorry, but I can't help it....

    SEARCH! There must be a hundred Sprint vs. GSM threads already, all of which do a real good job of hashing out the benefits / problems of each. While not as many, there are also more than a few 650 vs. 600 comparisons.
    Bob Meyer
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    Quote Originally Posted by cphil674
    Here's your problem. Most GSM models are locked to their carrier, which means that the benefit of GSM (worldwide roaming) is not there.
    That problem can be easily solved by calling Cingular and asking for the unlock code. Base dupon the threads here, it seems it's automatically given to anyone with 3 months continuous service. Since the poster is only an "occassional" overseas traveler, this shouldn't be an issue. If it is, if you can apparently call the carrier and whine a bit about your upcoming trip, and they will still give it to you. If the poster bought one today, as a new customer, he'd wouldn't have to practice his whining skills unless he was traveling before the end of July. I bought mine Feb 2nd so I have 6 days left before I ask them to unlock mine. I'm not going anywhere but what the heck.

    Alternately, you can pay $30 - $50 to one of the various services to do it for you.

    The alternate is of course to buy an unlocked model, where the price premium of $250 is cheaper than the Nokia's $400+ price tag. Personally, I'd take the $250 over the 3 month wait.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jg70124
    If I switch, I know will have to buy out the last 6 months of my current 2-year Sprint contract (~$150?),
    I forgot to address that part. I think that would make me hang on for another 6 months. I expect the Treo 700 or whatever will be out by then. Plus, Cingular and others have announced cheaper data plans coming down the pike, Verizon will be in the picture and I'll bet the plans will be cheaper.

    Finally, refuse to accept a 2 year contract. Everyplace I went on line required 2 years. The carrier stores req'd 2 year contracts. I finally walked into an "all carriers" brick and mortar store and every phone they offered was only 1 year contract.....and they were cheaper too.

    When the next Treo arrives, of course I'll check on line, the carrier stores and anything else I can think that point I will walk into the all carrier brick and mortar and say "let's talk" about a new 1 year contract.

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