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    I love my treo! I have only 2-3 resets a week now so this isn't the issue. Here is my situation:

    Married. College Student. 8 month old son.

    So needless to say I'm pretty poor. But we are doing fine. So my mental debate is to sell my treo and get an ibook/powerbook.

    Reasons to keep the treo:
    Smallest pda available.
    i'net access with me wherever I go
    instant email
    Better than the 7 pda's I've had.
    Having to buy a new phone w/o a contract might suck a lot.

    Reasons to sell the treo:
    Using it as a phone sucks.
    I feel like it is more of a luxury than something that I need
    I seem to be using it less and less.
    I might make $100 bucks. (bought it for 400, $50 rebate, sell it for $450)

    Reasons to get an ibook/powerbook instead:
    More powerful.
    I can use it for presentations.
    I have a full computer with me while at work and at school
    Much more storage space.
    I can watch movies without having to mess with converting anything.

    There are a lot more reasons in each list. But I can get a new mac for a little over 1k. I can sell my treo for around $450. And the $20 I pay each month for medianet can go towards the new laptop.

    My worry is that once I get my mac, I'll want to migrate to something new. I seem to change a lot, and that is why I am seeking other peoples advice to make sure I can see my situation from all sides.


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    If the Treo is a luxury, then why not think about a cheaper model cell phone (they're really a necessity now, especially with a family to keep in touch with) and a refurbished iBook, $799 at Apple right now.,76
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    with a cell phone that is supported by iSync alot of the reasons for a dedicated PDA are reduced.

    not sure how up to date this list is.
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    With Amazon selling them for new $299, I wouldn't pay $450 for a used one. I realize people will pay more for an unlocked one but I would just wait the 3 months and ask Cingular to unlock it.
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    I tend to think you'd end up getting more frustrated with the cheap cell phone (~$100) than the Treo. The Treo is a known quantity... do you find yourself thinking 'I really need a laptop' when using the Treo?

    However, on a re-read of your post, I think you may be better off with a laptop, especially an Apple. It sounds like you already made up your mind. However, I don't think you're going to get anywhere NEAR the $450 for your phone. New 600s are going for close to $200... sure, an unlocked 600 will fetch a premium, but not that high.

    Do yourself a favor: get a refurb'd iBook (less than $1000 for the 12 inch) if a laptop is really what you want. They will hold their value better than a Treo and then you can be one of those uppity 'Macs are better' type-people we all love to have.... :-).

    Just be sure to set aside $5 for some ibuprofen, as you're gonna give yerself tendinitis of the thumb, punching in all your contacts into your new cellphone. ;-)
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    If you do get a Mac and then get an inexpensive cellphone, there's a good chance that it'll sync with iSync. Both my Sony-Ericcsson T610 and my Nokia 6600 connected just fine with iSync; it was pretty easy then to use the phones to carry my contact and calendar information with me.

    Good luck!


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