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    I wasn't sure where to post this - general sw, comm, sprint - but I was wondering if any sprint users had downloaded and subscribed to handmark express through sprint. I have bought software through sprint, with my $10 monthly vision credit being applied to the purchase (an easy way to get a good discount on a limited selection of software).

    What isn't clear is whether or not the monthly vision credit would be applied to the monthly subscription fee, and of course Sprint Customer Service couldn't answer the question either, since strictly speaking it's not a sw download, and the docs she read from defined it as 'sw and ringers downloaded directly into the phone's memory'.

    So, anyone out there subscribed to express through sprint, and if so, is the fee covered by your vision credit?

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    I spoke to a technical service representative over the phone (Vision support), and they ensured that my $5/month credit would be applied every month. Haven't really checked the bill yet, but it doesn't seem any higher than it should be.
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    Thanks - that's what I figured after I finished the post and got to the download page w/blazer. I see it's a tweaked sprint version that doesn't seem to care what you put in as an email address and password ... I put what I thought was my sprintpcs mailaddr (I never use it and got it wrong after checking my snapper outgoing server settings) and tried my yahoo and comcast addrs, too. I guess all that matters is that to log into their website you use whatever user/pass supplied to the app ....

    - mark
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    can u clarify what you meant by your last post? is the special sprint version not require a monthly fee or ??
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    when you subscribe through sprint, the subscription fee is billed to your account. I spoke to soon regarding it not caring about the user/pass. I triee setting it to my correct sprintpcs username and it didn't take. I have no idea why it took the incorrect name, or why it accepted the yahoo addr. It's set back to the first, incorrect name now. It's appears to be keyed to my palm hotsync user name, too. In short, it's not free, though if you have vision credit - I have 10/mo - it will apply to the monthly fee.

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