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    Lately, I have been using the touchscreen more. When I say touch screen, I mean with my Thumb.The reason I bring this up is that if more people use touch screen, palme one and 3rd party palm app developers need to know so that they make some controls/buttons a bit larger so that it is easier to touch screen. For example in pocket tunes, the postion slider can be a little larger sized, making is much easier to fast foward and rewind within a song. Same thing with the default palm os scroll bar, a little wider scroll bar will make it much easier to scroll using the touch screen.
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    I don't. I never take the stylus out unless I need to check for ear wax.
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    so you never even use your thumb to press any buttons on the screen?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tj8212
    so you never even use your thumb to press any buttons on the screen?
    never say never but very rarely. I look at the poll options as yes, no or 50%. My usage is much closer to never than some of the time. All of my apps are updated to support the d pad EXCEPT pocket quicken. I just switch to Mac and also to quicken from MS money on the desktop. That meant Ultrasoft Money to Pocket Quicken. US Money is a much better app!! Hopefully the rumored PQ update will come soon.
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    Interesting. when you say d-pad, do you mean the 5 way nav?
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    I hardly ever use the touchscreen with my thumb and I almost forgot I had a stylus until this thread...
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    I would never!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    I don't. I never take the stylus out unless I need to check for ear wax.
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    Ohhhhhh, it drives me NUTS when my wife answers my phone by touching the screen with her thumb. I gripe at her everytime.
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    I virtually never touch the screen (via stylus slash ear wax cleaner, or [heaven forbid] the thumb) unless I'm in a very old application that's not 5-way enabled.

    I'm of the camp that ALL apps should HAVE to be upgraded to make them 5-way capable, and we do away with the touchscreen altogether. I know that's blasphemy, but that's my opinion.
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    I use a boxwave screen protector. I also touch the screen only when i have to,
    - to snooze in Bob's Alarm (I have it set up so buttons cancel and screen snoozes)
    - when i use palmvpn (used to use winhand but...)
    - vindigo
    - sometimes on blazer.
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    I agree with LouisW. I do touch the screen alot with my thumb --BUT only because I have a screen protector on it!! Otherwise, I would not touch it with my fingers.

    I am in that limbo land between becoming a full fledged 5-way navigator and my 8 year old habits of punching the screen with a stylus. If I get momentarily confused -- I will quickly touch the screen to keep moving -- rather than pull the "stick" out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tj8212
    Interesting. when you say d-pad, do you mean the 5 way nav?
    yes d-pad is the 5-way

    I only touch the screen when Im in a hurry and dont want to toggle to the option with the d pad. I forgot what kind of screen protecter I use. They are very thick, washable, and they diminish the clearity of the screen slightly, after 5 months of use the screen protector shows zero signs of use (hey is that OK to leave the same screen protecter on for 5 months?) I'm afraid to even ask since Dutch is in the thread

    I never, never use the stylus not even for a reset, I use megalauncher for that.
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    I have a boxwave screen protector, and I almost never use the stylus, but I use my thumb on the touchscreen a lot. Even in apps that support the 5-way, it's often faster to touch a "button" than to navigate to it and press the center button.

    But there's a trickly trade-off between making the buttons larger and saving screen real estate for data. I have small hands and fingers, and find I can tap most of the on-screen buttons without any problem. But I can see that for someone with large fingers some of the buttons would be nearly impossible to us.
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    The 5-way and keyboard are my main sources for input. If the stylus is required, my thumb/finger gets the job done quicker then pulling out the stylus.

    Despite the fact that I rarely use the stylus, I just ordered the replacement stylus with built-in pen so I have a pen handy. The other day I saw a woman on the train with a 650 and she kept pulling out the stylus. I thought, "What program is she using". Turns out she was doing stuff with the built-in calculator - I just use my finger for that.

    IMHO Palm really got the 600/650 right as it relates to one-handed operation. Most things can be done with one hand and the stylus is almost unnecessary.
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    I'm like Meyerweb on this. Sometimes it is faster to tap the screen with the thumb. Use stylus for Marbles2.

    For PocketTunes in particular, you can forward and rewind by holding the 5-way. Click to move to next/previous track. click-and-hold to move ahead/back within current track.
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    Even more specific question...

    Do you use your thumb on the touch screen to dial phone numbers?????
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    Quote Originally Posted by optimalcapacity
    Even more specific question...

    Do you use your thumb on the touch screen to dial phone numbers?????
    Nope. I use the keyboard or VoiceDial.
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    Same here...I never "thumb" the Dial Pad!
    Only keyboard!
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    i recently bought my wife a treo , she uses her stylus for everything dialing numbers, launching apps. This drives me crazy, so i ask her why do you do that she says cause she is use to the zire 72 . i think im gonna break her stylus and in the couple days it takes to get her another one she will get the point.

    the only time i use my stylus is to play dope wars, and i only use my thumb if its a one touch thing that cant be done from the 5 way.
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