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    I apologize if this is posted in the wrong place, buts a story of what NOT to do when returning a Treo 600 to palm, and its also a request for a kind soul to donate a non working Treo 600 to me.

    It all started when I decided to upgrade my Treo 600 (which stopped working) for a 650. AT&T refused to take back my non-working 600 but said I could return through PalmOne. I called PalmOne, they very kindly shipped me a working 600 and provided me with return packaging for the non-working 600 - which they would charge me for after 15 days if I did not return.

    This is where things get hairy. My mom was visiting, and in the spirit of maternal love she decided to clean my room, in the process of which she threw away the return labels for shipping the treo back to palm. At this stage things could have still ended happily - IF i had rememberd that Palm gave me the replacement Treo and NOT AT&T. After 10 days of searching for the return label I called AT&T (note: NOT palm) and asked for a return label, which they happily shipped me.

    Without another thought I shipped my old defective Treo to AT&T and presumed all was well till I saw a charge for $507.00 from PalmOne for the Treo I had failed to return!!!

    Bottom line, I am out $507 (plus the amount I paid for my 650) UNLESS I can provide PalmOne with a non-working (but not visibly broken) Treo 600.

    If after hearing my sad story there are any fellow Treo fans out there with a spare (non-working but not visibly defective) Treo 600 which they are willing to provide me I would be eternally grateful!! PM me and we can discuss any monetary compensation you might require.

    Thanks so much, and the moral of the story is ..... Clean your own room :-)
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    So what happened to the broken 600? Did you send it to AT&T? If so, I would call them, get a manager and explain what happened. Since AT&T refused to replace your 600, yet accepted your broken one, they should at the very least, send back your broken 600.
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    Yes, I spoke to their manager - they said that after phones are returned it takes 3/4 weeks for them to show up in their system as returned and I can try and call them back in a month to see if they have received it, at which point they will return it. I'm not sure though if Palm is willing to wait that long since by then they may close the issue (since they have gotten paid $507 for a broken treo 600 - they are happy:-)


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