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    My boss drives a Lexus and has a Treo 650. He DOES NOT use the Bluetooth hands-free function so I don't think this problem relates to the pairing stuff I've been reading about...but I could be wrong. When he's on a call as he gets in his car the call disconnects as soon as he closes the door. I'm told it doesn't disconnect if he's getting out of the car and closes the door. Any idea how to fix this problem? (aside from advising him not to enter or exit the vehicle during a call)
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    How about getting from the passanger side?
    Honestly, that's weird.....
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    I would double-check to be sure the Treo and car aren't paired. Have him turn off Bluetooth and see what happens.
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    Looks like the old pressure from door closing causes Treo to turn off problem.

    Check this out...
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    Does he have metalized windows? I have seen where a Garmin GPS unit will not work due to coated windows. Like being in a Faraday cage.
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    Maybe he's got a bad Lexus? Have him take it back to the Palm and replace with it a newer one...that should fix the problem.
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