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    I just noticed this after about a month of use of my Treo 650 and retiring my Zire. Where is the "find" or Search feature, this is a must have for me. Im lost to where it is. I search for notes and names or text all the time??

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    See the magnifying glass on the left-shift button? Opt-left shift.

    It's in the manual, too.
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    anyone know how I can tell my **** from a hole in the ground?
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    Thank you, my manual is in my wifes car, out of town and this question just hit me. Your a life saver.
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    Hi pholt,

    Kevin from palmOne here. Glad you "found" "search".
    Just an FYI for anyone, a good way to backup the manual is to download the PDF version from the Support pages at palmOne. Just go here, choose your model, and on the next page you'll find links for the manuals/guides in the right-hand column. Having it on your computer comes in handy sometimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    anyone know how I can tell my **** from a hole in the ground?
    dutch i love ya man

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