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    I know how to start a hot sync from the Treo 650. How do you start a hot sync from the computer?
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    As far as I know it can't be done from the PC.
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    Here's what the help file says:

    Performing a Local Cradle/Cable HotSync Operation

    To perform a local cradle/cable HotSync® operation

    1. Connect your handheld to the cradle/cable.
    2. Start HotSync Manager if it is not already running.
    3. From the HotSync Manager menu, choose Local USB and/or Local.
    4. Press the HotSync button on the cradle/cable.

    · The first time you perform a HotSync operation, you must either enter the name of a new user account you want to create or select an existing user account to synchronize with and click OK. Every handheld should have a unique user account name. To prevent loss of a user’s records, never try to synchronize more than one handheld to the same user account.

    · To stop a HotSync operation that is in progress, click Cancel in the HotSync Progress dialog box on your computer or handheld. It may take several seconds for the HotSync operation to stop.

    5. Wait for a message on your handheld indicating that the process is complete.

    After the HotSync process is complete, you can remove your handheld from the cradle/cable.

    Copyright © 1997-2004 PalmSource, Inc. and its affiliates. All rights reserved. Document number 5068-002.
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    I have a question regarding the hot sync process and this may be answered in this thread prior to me asking this, and i still may not understand what to do exactly so bear with me...

    Anyway i had to take my Treo650 into the Sprint store for them to take a look at it b/c i wanted them to check out the delay i was getting and also the volume problem as far as not being able to hear as loud, even with the 1.08 update. So i synced everything that was on my treo to the laptop. My question is, How can i sync it again to make the files on my laptop transfer back to the 650?
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    When U sync a new Palm device the Hotsync Manager should prompt for a user name with which to sync.

    BTW, before this kind of sync I usually copy the backup folder under my username to another location AND change the Hotsync conduits to "Desktop Overwrites Handheld" just to be sure I don't lose my data.
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    dhammond...wouldn't you just "customize" your hotsync to "computer overwrites handheld"?
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    No... if the device comes back "blank", then doing exactly what puyi said is what you want. DO NOT change the settings to "computer overwrites handheld". You wouldn't believe the number of support issues we have due to people changing those settings for various conduits... and then forgetting to reset them.

    If the handheld comes back from Sprint with the same hotsync name, then they didn't "reset" your device (hard reset) and there is no need to worry about this. Just sync as usual.
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    I'm sorry...I meant desktop not computer. I don't hotsync, so I don't know the exact wording.
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    Christina... I'm not sure. That's why i'm asking. How would i do that if infact that's what needs to be done?

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