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    I was just getting on a flight when I noticed that my battery olevel was getting quite low. As I like to listen to music and read ebooks during the flight I realized that I need to find a way to charge the phone. I have recently started flying American, and noticed that they have 12v outlets throughout the cabin. So I pulled out my car to USB adapter, as well as my sync/charge cable and was able to charge and use the phone htroughout the filght (at least those parts that I am able to do so )

    Saved me having to take out and start up my laptop.

    Way to go AA, thanks
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    It is my understanding that the use of ANY phone divice is not allowed on a flight even if the phone/communication part is turned off. I have seen attendants tell people that they are not allowed to power them up even though they phone connection was turned off on Southwest Airlines. I thought it strange but did not ask about it.
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    Not so. AA flights across the pond specifically say that Smartphones like Treo may be used if the phone portion is switched off.
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    It's phone when the phone is turned on.
    It's a PDA when the phone is turned off.
    At least that's my logic. Southwest is a different story from other airlines and there's already a very extensive thread discussing the Treos allowed on Southwest flights issue. SW has this rediculous policty that they just don't ever want to see anthing slightly resembling a phone used on their flights.

    Anyway, back to the topic, which is charging on AA. That's actually a really nice thing, it means you can use just about any laptop, music player, DVD player, etc. in flight with the 12V jack. That's cool. I know they started doing in on international flights a few years ago (much more need for it on 12 hour flights) but I wasn't sure which, if any, flights in the US had these jacks.
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