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    I find that the volume when I am on the phone isn't that loud, especially when I am out doors. I raise it to the max via the side key. Any suggestions?
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    Nope--known problem with T650s in general. Get a headset.
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    A couple of questions: when you raised the volume, did you do it while ON a call? If not, all you changed was the ring volume. And, after changing the volume, did you press the side button to make the change permament? If not, the volume reverts to default after the call ends.

    I don't have any problem hearing callers on my Sprint 650, even driving in the car with the window down.
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    Yes I have the same problem with my 650 and called Palm. They said there is no fix for this. My old 600 way at least 25% louder..Have you heard anything?
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    You may want to try VolumnCare or ProfileCare seems to help a bit

    See the Jeff Gibson area of TC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cmccarter
    .......seems to help a bit......
    A bit? I would say "a lot"
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    A post by shadowrtype in another thread:

    How did I miss this fantastic piece of software??? VolumeCare is THE answer for Treo 650 volume problems! I thought the slight improvement after the lastest firmwre update was good enough, but then I saw this app mentioned on one of those "must have" threads and thought I'd give it a try. Wow! I was blown away! My Treo now sounds like my old Samsung that had the best volume on any phone I've had. My only issue with my Treo has been eliminated. It is practically perfect now.
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    So does it make it louder than the max volume?
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever7
    So does it make it louder than the max volume?

    Apparently . . . .
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    Just tried VolumeCare with my 600 and A210 adapter. Doesn't work to well with this combo. I haven't tried the Speaker or Handset options yet, though.
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    Just tried it on the 650 -- awesome.

    Cheers, Perry
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    I tried volume care but ended up deleting it bacause it was crazy loud. I know you can turn it down but I just didnt want to take a chance on blowing my eardrums out.

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