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    I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I wanted everyone's thoughts now that its April of 2005.

    I'm a T-Mobile user. I really want the Treo 650, but to buy an unlocked one is $700 so I'm considering the sacrifice to buy a 600, since I can get one for only $300. It would be a shame to give up Bluetooth and the hi-res screen, but is it worth the extra $400?

    Making matters more difficult, I've heard all sorts of rumors that T-Mobile will have the 650 "soon". I don't really want to switch carriers because I feel that TMo is the best, as far as customer service goes. And that goes a long way with me. If I were to break down and buy a 600, I'm sure the 650 would be announced two weeks later. (I bought a sony TH-55 two weeks before Sony announced they were leaving the US market!)

    I use Agendus every day, and right now I've got a Clie. The primary reason I'm looking into a new device is that I am in sales and an integrated cell phone would be a big help. It's the future, after all...

    Any thoughts?

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    Have you looked into an unlocked one on ebay? I don't think they are still $700. I would go for the 650. I wouldnt even consider the 600 unless you cant spare the extra cash. I am sure you are used to the hires screen on the clie and will be disappointed with the lores screen on the 600.

    The 650 bt is not worth is really limited as far as headsets and capabilities.

    Some people really like the nonvolitile memory as well (and the camera is better).

    Good luck.
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    I strongly urge you to either hold out for the T-Mobile 650 which really still should be "soon" or pony up for the unlocked 650. I just don't want you to pay $300 and later wish you had gotten the 650.
    I had my 600 unlocked for a year, then broke down and upgraded to the 650 unlocked. I have to say the 650 is SO MUCH nicer in so many subtle little ways that are never even mentioned, let alone the screen which is a huge difference when trying to web browse with Blazer (make sure you set the fonts to small,) processor, bluetooth, removable battery, better keyboard, etc etc etc.

    Comp-U-Plus has it for $650. Still $350 more, but I just saved you 50 bucks.
    This is a reputable online retailer, I've used them many times and I'm very pleased with them.
    I also see them new on EBay for $560 "buy it now" if you're comfortable that route, or possibly cheaper in a bid.

    Still, I know holding out for that TMobile is painful but should be somewhat cheaper than the full priced unlocked. Waiting days for the 650 is painful, let alone unknown weeks to months. But I really think you'll be happier with the 650.

    Other options (to get the best of both worlds):
    Get the 600, then sell it on eBay and upgrade to the 650 when it comes out on TMobile. Who knows, you may decide you're happy with the 600 and don't need to upgrade to the 650!
    Get an unlocked 600 used for really cheap on eBay to use temporarily until the 650 comes out. Bids are starting around $40 for used T-Mobile models.

    CompUPlus also has the unlocked 600 for $340 if that helps at all.
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    I bought the 600 in January on Cingular. I joined here and found out the 650 would be released within the month after my purchase (naturally). I held on to the 600, praying the 650 would release before my 30 day trial ended. It didn't.

    I harassed my Cingular rep mercilessly EVERYDAY, trying to get a date for release. He finally got tired of me or felt pity and told me to keep the 600 until the trial ended, then go without a phone until the 650 was available. (by then, it was imminent) He would then give me the "new contract" price. Unfortunately, I was locked to THAT store to receive the rebate price so when it released I still had to wait.

    I harassed him AGAIN and he drove to the only store to sell in my area to pick one up for me. Above and beyond regular Cingular CS and one of the few reasons I don't despise Cingular now.

    So, the point is...I had to go through a lot to get the 650 and I feel it was completely worth it. Coming from the 600, the difference in web browsing, screen quality and keyboard comfort was night and day. Good luck with your decision!
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    hey dude, if i were you i would most definetely wait for the T650 T-Mobile version. you'll have it both ways then when you'd wait for it. a top on the line phone with the top of the network service.. trust me on this..
  6. #6 is selling the treo 650 for $300.

    There's also a store named that's selling it for $300. This store is a certified merchant (5 stars) so I'm assuming it's reputable.
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    Amazon's deal is for a Cingular model...weird that their Sprint deal is $469.99
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    Thanks for all the opinions!

    I think I've decided to hang in there until the 650 becomes available on T-Mobile. Of course, things will become more complicated if they don't have it by the end of June, which is when my contract expires. Then I could switch to another network without the penalty. But I'm quite happy with T-mobile in my area. The only other decent choice IMHO is Verizon, which should have the 650 in April.

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    If you will be using the 650 for e-mail and web -- also look at your carrier's charge for unlimited data:

    Sprint is at $15 per month, others are at $30 and $40. Adds up over time!
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    T-Mobile's unlimited full internet access data plan is $20/month with any voice contract.
    There are cheaper (T-Zone) plans, but they don't allow full internet access.
    Cingular's unlimited is $40/month for PDAs. But they have another plan for $25/month which you're only supposed to use on WAP cell phones (But you can get it on the Treo if you try.) The $25 MediaNet works just as well.
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