My Treo 300 broke last weekend (right-side hinge on the flip screen thing) and I'm looking to get a 650. I'm under warranty thru Best Buy, so I called them and they're shipping me a 600 as a free replacement. They said they don't have the 650 yet. And it sounds like my replacement 600 will only be under warranty for 90 days when I receive it. This sucks because I have literally $500 of "credit" from my original purchase. I sure wouldn't have minded shelling out an extra $100 to get a 650...

I called Sprint and they said if I signed up with a 2-year contract under a new plan, I could get the 650 for $450 after rebates, and I think I'm gonna pass on that -- too much money.

So, does anybody have any diabolical schemes for upgrading from a broken 300 (possibly replaced with a new 600) up to a 650 on the Sprint network for relatively cheap?

Another thing I'm considering is waiting for Verizon to start supporting the 650 because I liked Verizon's service a little better than Sprint's -- at least here in Madison, it's better.