This has had me puzzled since I read it:

"A delay on a future (unannounced) smartphone product was also mentioned, although no specific information on the product was given. Certification and customization efforts were cited as a source for the delays."

It's from the treocentral report (dated 17 March 2005) on the palmOne Q3 Earnings Conference call:

What are these certification efforts? If this refers to FCC approval of a new device then it would seem that a new smartphone from palmOne fairly is imminent. As an example, the FCC test dates for for the Sprint treo 650 were 27-31 July and 18 August 2004 and the phone was available three months or so later:

One scenario is that the 'certification and customization' refers to the rumoured Windows Mobile treo 650 (that would certainly explain the customization reference!). I don't know, but it's also possible that a WM 650 wouldn't require separate certification if it had the same radios as the CDMA or GSM 650s (perhaps someone with more knowledge of FCC certification could comment). If that is the case, one has to wonder if there isn't another treo (700? 500?) waiting in the wings?

I also find it curious that treocentral hasn't splashed this with a 'new treo undergoing certification' news story. Are they under an NDA (or am I just reading too much into this? )