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    with the rumoured release of new treos in july is it a better move to wait at this point?
    granted, these "treos" may turn out to be the "life drive" or the zire 73, but still, the possibility is tempting.
    Its been 6 months since the t650 was released - if you were me, would you wait another 6 months for an even better treo model to be released or is the treo 650 just too good to be passed up?
    I love the hi res screen, bluetooth, tweaked keyboard and faster processor, but is it an incredibly dramatic improvement on the older model?
    here's what bothers me with the 650:
    1) the reported delay (10-13 seconds) you experience after pressing the dial button in the phone app.

    2) the lack of memory - does the free 128 mb sd card from palmone fix those issues completely?

    3) the reset / crash frequency - does the system updates for the 650 fix these issues at all?

    4) buzzing and hissing during phone calls

    if you were in my position, looking at these issues in the current 650, would you wait another 6 mths or consider upgrading?
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    I have a ATTWS/Cingular Treo 650 and was a previous owner of a Sprint Treo 600. I LOVE my 650!!! I do not have issues 1, 3 and 4. My phone has been rock solid. In regards to issue 2, a ROM update did give back a little memory but there is suppose to be another update on the horizon to address this issue. I did get the 128MB card but already had a 256MB one so not a big issue for me.

    Doesn't seem like any real concrete info on a new Treo model coming out since mostly rumors from what I can see on the board. If it were me, I'd grab a 650 and enjoy. Just my opinion though.
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    How do you know the next one won't also have bugs that will take time to fix?
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    what puzzles me are the so-called delays in the execution of the phone dialing after pressing that button - with a 312 mhz processor, how could that be possible?
    now I absolutely LOVE the specs on this thing - 312 mhz, 320 x320 res, bluetooth, keyboard - I mean I think this treo is the cat's meow, honestly.
    after the rom update and a sufficient sd card, do you find all these memory issues are all resolved? no resets when using snappermail, verichat, agendus w/ agendus mail, epocrates, xiino, handmark express or stock manager?
    if you can say you have no problems running those apps, and that for the most part resets and crashes happen only once in a while - at a minimum ( which is to be expected for almost any pda at this time) than, I believe I am sold on this baby.
    its just that I want to be able to rely on this beauty to deliver the productivity when I need it. if I need epocrates to run a multicheck on a patient's drug regimen, I want it to run right then and there without having to worry about it crashing on me when it really counts.
    so far, I see a majority of people here loving their treo 650. of course there are those with negative critiques, but I've found that around 80% of those polled here are very happy with it.
    so in a nutshell, have the updates solved these reset problems and can I depend upon the 650?
    thanks a ton for the feedback, guys.
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    With the most recent firmware release, the Sprint 650 is a really attractive device. I would feel comfortable buying it now, perhaps even if there are going to be new Treos in July. I would be more inclined to think they will wait until the fall the release new ones. And if they do release new ones in July, I expect them to be 650s with Windows Mobile on them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vw2002
    granted, these "treos" may turn out to be the "life drive" or the zire 73, but still, the possibility is tempting.
    You made a good point here. The "new" Treos may not be cellular devices or may be lower-end/less expensive than the 650. If either of those are the case and you really want a 650-like device, by then you'll have sat on the sideline a long time. Plus, you might then be more tempted to wait for the 650 replacement.

    There will always be something newer/better on the horizon - you could be waiting forever with thinking like that.

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