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    There's a very Interesting article in Site...

    Shows it's possible to Hack Sprint Treo 650's to Verizon's Network!

    Verizon Hack

    I think it's great, I'm not fond of Sprint's Service! I have a Friend w/ a Cingulair Treo 650, who was in the same room as me! His Bars were FULL! mine had 2! and His Data Connection was way faster to connect and load a Site!

    Even shows a Sprint Phone w/ Verizon's Network Connection (enclosed)!

    Site Claims:
    You can either pay their member (peman83) $49.99 plus shipping cost to convert your really expensive Treo 650 or buy the serial cable/CD kit to perform the conversion yourself.

    Sending a $600 device to someone I don't know is risky and stupid (my opinion). There's no guarantee that you're going to get the device back. Be aware that this totally voids the warranty if your expensive toy is permanently damaged. Doing it yourself also pose a big risk of damaging the handset. My advice? Don't do it. There's a rumor that Verizon is due to release the Treo 650 with support for their EVDO high speed wireless service.

    Any comments or suggestions?
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    This is nothing new man... T|C'ers have been doing this to the Treo 600 for a while now and simply transfered the knowledge to the Treo 650. If you search the CDMA forum you can find the directions yourself!
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    Is this the Treo you purchased from TC Marketplace. If I were you I would heed the warnings of the other members and not try to activate on the Sprint network. Is Verizonizing it yourself difficult? I've seen a lot of threads on it. Maybe other members posts can lead you through it step-by-step. Hope it works out! Good Luck! : )
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    Sorry Sabanum...that wasn't you. Ignore me, I have NO idea what I'm talking about!!!

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