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    1) 520 mhz intel processor - multitasking, multithreading capability

    2) LCD SCREEN - sharper if possible

    3) larger keyboard keys and dedicated buttons.

    4) ev-do 1.5 mb / per second data downloads

    5) lower sars rates

    6) itunes - downloading music wirelessly onto treo directly

    7) enhanced blazer - watch video clips of news, sports highlights, etc

    8) enhanced calender, contacts, email, mp3 player applications

    9) cobalt 6.0 os - multitasking abilities
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    Seems pretty reasonable, the 520mhz processor would suggest the same pxa270 as in the 650, just clocked at full spec. Would be cool to see a higher res screen, but just using a higher quality 320x320 does seem more befitting.

    Cobalt is suppose to be ready to go, the other devices forum has one or two phones listed in there as soon to be's with this OS as well.
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    Is that a guess or do you know something we don't??

    I like it either way!
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    its a guess. I really hope these are implemented in the next line.
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    They all seem to reasonable and the next logical step.
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    a higher quality screen? just out of curiosity, what are you looking for? I've yet to see a better screen...
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    after looking at the crisp screen quality in the new psp device, I was interested in how much clearer they could make the screen quality in the next treo.
    the current treo 650 screen is very nice. I was simply speculating as to how much further we could take this. Of course with increasing clarity comes increasing battery drain, but as screens evolve, so does battery technology, so is it not possible to boost the screen quality even further? For example, elimination of glare and better readability in direct sunlight?
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