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    (I accidently posted this message in the wrong section yesterday)
    I am considering buying a Treo 650. I am a college student and I think this would be a perfect buy. I currently own a palm m500 and have owned many palms in the past. I have heard many negative things about the Treo crashing and having to reset it. What do you guys suggest? Are there problems that I should know of? Also if you have any suggestions on cases or pouches to keep the treo safe I would also love to hear your opinion. Thanks all for your input!
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    welcome to treo central!!

    as much as people want to think @ am only sarcastic I genuinely mean this to be helpful. You will find your answers much more quickly if you follow this advise.


    You will be able to ask much more informed questions after you've read through some feedback threads on the device, cases accessories etc.

    get'll love it!

    good luck

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