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    It got me too. My first thought was: NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on, man. An April fools joke is cool and all, but that one was over the top. You ever stop to think that some people reading this may have weak hearts?
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    Nah, I was lucky this time: I kept on re-reading "Juan Abril," thinking it was a truly odd name until the light bulb. But it was absolutely brilliant. Congrats.

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    Someone needs to let Apple know about the HUGE!!! interest in such a product!!
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    I agree with camels this neeedsto be brought to Apples attention that this garneredsomuch attentionand this was just one of a few April Fools gags on this subject out there...
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    This is probably the only thing that would save P1 at this point... I really was hoping it was true!
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    Heck, I'd buy it in a second. My iPOD *NEVER* crashes!! I'm writing a letter with my approval to Apple

    Nice prank!
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    I was thinking about how great an idea it would be -- I love my iPod and think Apple could do wonders with the smartphone (of course, we'd have to be able to bear the "cutesy" package it came in).

    Very funny.

    P.S. -- Wasn't Juan Abril an actual baseball player?
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    Every day is April fools at this site.
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    It was just too over the top to be real. Apple could give a rats *** about Palm However, Apple purchasing Palm (since Apple is flush with cash) would be the best thing that could ever happen to Palm...
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    Got Me good
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    Oh Man, u cut me deep
    anyway, i hope it will come true.
    wat about treo990 designed by Apple?
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    I saw Steve Jobs returning his Treo in a Cingular store because of too many resets. Boy, was he p....Sorry, no chance for now......
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