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    Nice gag -

    It's shame it's not real, I think some Apple intuitive-type smarts is just what any company could benefit from
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    didnt get me, i was already "screamed" at by an e greeting card which stated that it was having problems recognizing my soundcard, please turn volume to maximum - duh, i did it at which point I got a You ***** its Aprils fools day type of loud voice screaming at me, but the CNET ipod treo combo is a gas....course, be careful, a Duct Tape factory blew up a few days ago, killing one and injuring others - duct tape can be useful but may be dangerous...
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    Now that's funny
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    Yea you got me, that was almost TOO GOOD. Cause I was looking at P1's stock price wondering why it had not shot up yet half way through the article !!!
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    At the end of the article, before I clicked the picture, I was thinking that this story was going to make my year. I was so excited that I was actually considering attending the WWDC2005 conference in June.

    Good one; hook, line and sinker.
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    I read this last night. Today when I remembered it was April 1st I checked it again....


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    Great job... totally got me... but now I am afraid to trust anything else on the site for today.... Like if I buy the new treo bluetooth headset, will I get a bill in the mail saying "april fools day...we charged your card for $100,000"
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo
    Man oh man I almost cried!!!! James my man, you really had me going. Such an in depth article too. James I give you props. Please don't scare me like that again!!
    Where is the original Article? Has it been removed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MattM2G
    Where is the original Article? Has it been removed?
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    Thanks DT - I always check the forum first - sorry, thought it was a post.
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    Damn! You got me also. I was getting pretty excited.....
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    You guys suck. Here I am thinking what Gates would do for a counter attack and the marketing implications for an OS/MAC product along with all the loyal Palm fans' reactions. You're driving me to drink.
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    if I was a fish, I'd be in the boat with some redneck beating me with a baseball bat!
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    Nobody got me all day. I come home, boot up the computer and whamo..................

    I'm glad its false, I didn't feel I needed a mac more then when I read your article, just now.
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    Got me!!
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    You know what? Apple buying PalmOne would have been the best thing that could happen to us Mac/Treo Users. I wish it was real! <smile>
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    #57 got me!

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    You're Killing Me!
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    Please, you bunch of amateurs.

    The deal has already been done and the device is coming this month and Cnet already has a review.

    iTreoPod ...
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    "Juan Abril". April 1. too funny.
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