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    Quote Originally Posted by jaytee
    an Apple Treo
    Would we call that a Trapple?
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    yeah, this definitely falls under the "not likely, but i like it, so i'm going to keep on reading...... oh, it's a joke. bummer."
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    I would love to see Apple work with PalmOne to make a TreoPod. That would rock.
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    Wow...Got me..I damn near sent that to the entire sales floor here.
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    Got me too. Congrats. I figure the Windows Treo is also a joke (over at MTDN)?
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    now that was hurtful....

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    and has this stuff ad nauseum
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    Good One!!
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    Thanks everyone! Apparently some people aren't clicking the picture at the end. Got this email from someone:

    This just hit a wall street stock trader information site

    4/1/2005 10:53:29 AM AAPL for PLMO April Fool's posting appears to be
    fooling some 25.61 +0.23

    We're hearing more talk of AAPL for PLMO, which appears to be the result
    of an April Fool's joke posted to the Treo Central site
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    Absolutely Brilliant!!
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    funny, I was thinking about it last night that we didnt have a april fools joke.
    But luckily james was thinking about it

    btw we even made it in the dutch media:
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    Lame. Lame. Lame.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo
    Man oh man I almost cried!!!! James my man, you really had me going. Such an in depth article too. James I give you props. Please don't scare me like that again!!

    I blinked at Juan Abril, but kept going...hoping...hoping....then there is Apollo Fir....i blinked again...cursed and kept reading...hoping hoping....Then clicked on the link and CURSED again...

    good article....
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    Quote Originally Posted by bshort
    Lame. Lame. Lame.
    I second that.
    Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame.
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    LOL one rule on April 1st, NEVER TRUST ANYTHING.
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    I appreciate the explicit april fools warning at the end. I don't like it when people are honestly trying to confuse others.
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    Tripod . . I Love It!!

    Tri-Pod . . . . . .was also the name we gave to the three legged dog that was always on the corner of the street where our car pool had to turn north . . . . . . didn't know the street's name . . . but everyone knew what we meant by "turn right at "Tri-pod's house" . . . . . . .

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    u had me, then you lost me at "TreoCentral has created a conceptual drawing" then i remmebred it was april 1st.

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