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    Hi all. My company is probably ditching the vast majority of Treos (Sprint 600) due to the absolutely horrid reliability of the devices. Nearly 1/3 to 1/2 have failed with some problem or other to-date.

    Problems: Speaker, screen pixels, network search, etc.

    Anecdotaly it seems that the GSM units may be better than the CDMA ones ... at least I don't think they get the network search issue.

    Also, the 650's haven't been out long but how reliable have they been?

    I think these are absolutely kick @$$ devices but the average Joe just wants a phone that works.
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    Never had any of those issues, and had the T600 from the first week of release, CDMA.

    The phone is only as good as the user, some people should be using tin cans and string.

    No complex device is ***** proof.
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    30 - 50% defect rate is not just "user error". I am somewhat of a "power user" and I can attest to the poor quality. I'm on my 2nd unit and some people have had 3.

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