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    I just got my Treo 600 this week and I am trying to figure out what's best for email access...

    At work, we're on Lotus Notes. Clearly, I need to install something in order to access my work email, but I don't know which program is best for this. My company's IT doesn't support anything except Blackberries, so I need to find something I can do/install on my own.

    I've just got a plain old yahoo account.

    In my overall online searching today, I've come across SnapperMail, Aileron, etc. but I have no idea which serves could accomodate both my work & personal email needs.

    Any advice is welcome.. just remember you're talking to a real beginner!!
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    Welcome to treocentral....

    You can access your Corporate email account using Aileron Mail Personal Access.

    You can access your yahoo account easily using Aileron Mail Personal Access.

    Visit for more details on Personal Access.

    Meet us online for a Live chat support on our website and we will be glad to get you started for a 15 days free trial.

    Customer Care
    Corsoft Corporation

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