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    I'm preparing to purchase a Treo 600 but I have one reservation. My current motorola phone is 18 months old and it lives in my jeans or coat pocket all the time - the way my Treo will. I have accumulated an unbelievable layer of dust behind the screen of the phone and I can barely read the display. (I've taken it a zillion places, had air blown in there, nothing works, etc). anyone having that problem with a Treo? I looked for a case that might seal all the seams without covering it but haven't been lucky.

    Does anyone have a Treo lint/dust problem? And how did you solve it?
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    My treo 650 lives in my jacket pocket half the time and in a Seidio holster the other half of the time which has a black fabric on the inside with small fibers that are alway covering my phone. I have a sd card in so unlike the dummy card it comes with the sd card dosent fill the sd slot completely like the dummy card so dust/lint could get in but it dosent. I did have that problem with my ky 7135 but not with my t600 or t650. I dont think you have anything to worry about.
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    I have the PalmOne form fit case, and my phone resides in my pocket all the time. I've had no problems with lint or dust behind the screen, but it does get around the antenna and ringer switch. However, it's nothing a good spray of compressed air won't fix.

    Hope you enjoy your Treo and welcome to the forum.
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    I don't have a problem w/my Treo 600. I use a screen protector.
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