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    All of my friends (and enemies, which is even worse!) have discovered they can send me an IM on AOL that magically gets delivered to my phone. Granted I have the MediaWorks package from Cingular, so I get 1500 SMSes a month, but it's getting REALLY annoying getting an SMS ever 5 minutes. Is there anyway to 'disconnect' my phone number from AOL IM? Ultimately, I'd like to block just a few people, but I realize I probably can't do that...

    Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.

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    You'll need to disconnect from the service. I think you need to send an SMS to 265001 to sign off. I may be wrong on the number, but give it a try. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Hey thanks fo the quick response. That makes sense since 265001 is AOL001. I just talked to a customer service rep right before I saw your post, and they told me that I'd have to remove text messaging and then re-add it....which is not cool with me. Do you know how I'd re-enable the instant messaging later?

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    Hey, actually, a Yahoo! search did the trick. I found this here: then the #s on page 5.

    Page 9 has some codes about blocking users etc. I wonder if this works. I don't have AOL IM on my PC, so...

    I need to know how my # appears in the AOL IM window and figure out what my password is for my I guess I'll have to call Cingular again.

    EDIT: Better PDF URL, right from the source:
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