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    Has anyone else heard of this??

    When I go to my contacts and do a search for a contact (I have hundreds of them)the Treo starts the search then reboots the Treo.
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    Likely not even Contacts fault. The Treo Find utility crashes and burns when it finds a database that is marked searchable that isn't in the correct format (often a pre-OS 5 DB).

    It's no fun to find which one, and Palm didn't see fit to do anything to make it any easier. You can start uninstalling stuff until Find works again, or use FindHack or something to replace the default find application. Find replacements cost a little money, but are more feature rich, and don't tend to barf when they get confused. They also allow you to select which DBs to search.

    If you do find the offending DB and remove the app, you can make it easier in the future if you try to use find after installing new apps (that'll help narrow down the list of possible culprits).
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    Think it's a known issue. Has something to do with having an email address in certain slots in the contact, or multiple email address per contact, or something like that.. Search palm one's site for the error.

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       #4 was quickpoint causing the problem. I deleted it (never use it) and everything worked.
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    Then we probably weren't talking about the same issue

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    Not exactly the same, but very related.. I use Findhack, and have begun having a repeatable bug show up in Contacts on my T600:

    I use Findhack to search Contacts
    it brings up the listing of results
    I click on a result
    and then I have a blank screen with the standard Palm Find dialog box

    If I then reenter that same query into the standard Palm Find field, THEN it brings up a list of results that I am able to click on and go to.

    Anybody seen this one, or know if it's related to this T600 bug? I began building my Palm database about 1996, and have sync'd with Outlook the past year or so. I'd imagine there's plenty of little corruptions hiding away in there...
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