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    need an advise..which is the best dictionary for palm?
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    That depends on what you need it for
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    I myself like Pocket lingo I believe its 260,000 words and each entry along with the definition gives all correct spellings with that words suffixes. If you come to a word in the defintion that you dont know you can tap that word to go to its definition, then there is a button to go back. It is set up so you can use the entire dictionary as flash cards. You have many choices of reference books under one reader (the pocket lingo reader). I have used several dictionaries some cost more some cost less but all are worthless compared to pocket lingo. I use pocket lingo (medical, heritage, idioms, abbreviations, rogets thsaurus)

    My only gripe is that the left and right buttons dont move the curser they move the page view.
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    If you have a pretty good internet plan on your Treo, consider It also has a free encyclopedia. It's kept me from having to buy extra software. Might as well use this high priced Internet for something!
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    Goto and you can get noahlite for free.

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    Might wanna grab this one while ya there:'chatabbreviations'referenceguide.shtml

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