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    I'm having problem changing my call forwarding. When I set to forward to voice mail phone number and press ok, the message (read network settings): operation failed comes on... anyway i can fix that??
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    Why would you forward to your voice mail number? It goes there anyway if you don't answer.
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    Mine did that too. You need to call Cingular. My "Forward" number for voicemail isn't the same as my voicemail retrieval number.
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    Sorry, that's assuming you're on Cingular. Also, for awhile they programmed it to " do not forward" and that worked too.
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    to make clear of what's going on with my problem: originally, i have the call preferences set to forward calls when busy, not answered, and off/no service to my assigned voice mail phone number. I went on vacation overseas during the week and changed all the forward to "don't forward calls" because cingular charges roaming if they forward a message to my phone. When I got back to the states, I can only change busy, and off/no service back to my voice mail number, but "not answered" is what i'm having problem with.... everytime when i tried to change it back to my voice mail number, it tells me "operation failed".... what should i do??

    i am on cingular service. so the only way i can get the forward changed is to call/go by cingular store??
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    I am so frustrated with both Cingular and Palm on this one. I am trying to call forward during the day to office and then change the call prefs to go to voicemail at night. It does not work! This is may second device and we tried it on several more units at the Cingular store. Palm says it is a Cingular problem and the last csr at Cingular said I should consider a Blackberry if the feature is important to me. Sure I can call Cingular,choose option 1,3,4,2 or whatever wait up to 15 mins and get the number changed. But doing this twice a day is nuts. I love the features of both Cingular and the 650 but on or the other is going to have to go.

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