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    If you use Flickr to upload files from your treo (which I do) be sure to set your account to automatically tag your files with a "treo" tag. That way you can contribute to the growing collection of Treo photos on Flickr. I use the RSS feed to get a constant stream of photos taken from Treos ( so if you have it automatically tag your photos you could brighten my day. Thanks.
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    I'd like this type of integration in my own gallery ( is the software) as I don't like the albums being available to the general public just by surfing around a website.
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    What type of integration is that? RSS or the ability to post via email?
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    Post via email would be fine. There are ways to do it, but it requires ProcMail, which my host doesn't support/allow.

    The Gallery upload module has a few different web-based interfaces, all of which are done via browser and/or java, which the Treo doesn't handle very well. I can upload fine via EZ FTP, but adding the images to the photo gallery has eluded me thusfar.

    Pretty much what I'd like to see is SplashBlog with the ability to use your own server. I'm not putting porn or anything up, just family pictures, etc. But I'd only want those who are on my site in the first place seeing them...not anyone who pokes around Flickr or Splash Blog's site.
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    With I wonder if, with Flickr's API you could somehow grab the images from there? You can set it so email uploads are automatically private. In this setup, your site would be able to access the private images.
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    By the way, many of the words you used are way over my head, so forgive me if I sound stupid. :-)

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