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    I was reading this;

    And if thats true that Zire 73 will indeed have Cobalt maybe thats hope for the Treo was well. Any thoughts?
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    It is unlikely that palmOne will use Palm OS Cobalt in a new Zire handheld. There is simply no need to customize Cobalt to run on current (and near future) devices. The cost of customizing Cobalt for a Zire series handheld would only push up the total cost of the unit. I suspect that we'll see existing Palm OS licensesees skip Cobalt and jump to Palm OS for Linux within the next 18 - 24 months. palmOne has already done a number of feature enhancements to Palm OS Garnet (Palm OS 5.x) and just doesn't need Cobalt right now.

    That being said, I would expect new licensesess to go with Cobalt since they don't have to worry about exiting customers or a previous code base.

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    The specs are false. Other than that, there's almost no chance of the Treo ever getting Cobalt.
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    palmOne can try doing a ROM update with the new OS for a fee... just as Samsung did with the i600 for $20. I wouldn't mind paying a few $$ for better software instead of investing in new hardware as the current specs are not too bad.
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    PalmOne doesn't have any real interest in implementing Cobalt any time soon, and even if they did, they would rather you buy a new Treo rather than buy an upgrade. To them, the small number of people who would buy an update aren't worth the cost of developing it.

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