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    I have a Treo 600, and my provider is Verizon.

    In the Main view of the Phone application, there's a mysterious icon. It's a small blue arrow that curves up and points northeast, and it's located at the top of the screen (above the line) between the words 'Verizon Wireless' at the left and the tower and signal bars icon at the right. I can't find an explanation in any of the tutorials or manuals, and when I spoke with Verizon customer service yesterday, their techs had never heard of it. It only appears in the phone app--not in the calendar or on the applications screen. Has anyone else seen this? Can you tell me what it is? BTW I use very little third party software--the only things I've uploaded are Graffiti Anywhere, Scrabble, and SplashID. You can send me an email directly at I'm dying to know what that blue arrow is--and so is the CS person at Verizon. Thanks!
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    Call forwarding is turned on, that's what it is indicating.
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    I think it's also a roaming icon....
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    Wow--fast replies! Thanks!

    Maybe it's call forwarding...maybe it's roaming...maybe it's neither?

    If anyone has tried deleting files with creator HsPH (one of the fixes suggested at forums.palmone), I'd like to know.

    I'm also emailing someone at Verizon and will post what I learn here.
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    pretty sure it's a roaming thing - it's the network telling you you're roaming. You might want to update your PRL (preferred roaming list) by doing a *228 from the phone and going through the prompts. Bet that will get rid of it.
    You won't be able to use an app to get rid of the icon - it's there from the network...
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    If you updated your firmware, then restored from a backup, that's the culprit.

    Download FileZ and delete the phone preferences and you should be okay.
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    ah yes - that's right. I did the same thing once, now that I see it laid out by P-TX
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    Tried deleting all files with creator HsPh. There were two: PhoneFavoritesD and PhoneCallDB. That just deleted my favorites and call log--the blue arrow is still there. I see no phone preferences filename when I'm in FileZ. When I scroll down to Phone Preferences in the Options menu in the phone application, my phone resets.
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    You're in the wrong area.

    When you open Filez, instead of opening the first box (View and Edit Files), go to the third (View Preferences).

    Those are the preferences you need to delete.
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    Blue arrow gone! No more reset in Phone Preferences! (I did have to download the latest FileZ--my older version wouldn't allow deletions from the View Preferences list.)

    Many thanks, PabloTX.

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