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    Did anyone catch Howard Stern this morning?
    He went on and on about his treo 650 and how much better it is than his 600. He talked about the camera quality, email and mp3s. He also has a BT headset and the whole crew marveled at how light it was. It was like a 15 min commercial for the treo. By the way he uses Sprint.
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    Cool -- didn't catch it when I was listening. I'll try to get an mp3 of it up here tonite..

    Also, if you missed this one:
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    He posted a quick blurb about it on his website here:
    It was the March 25th show, incase that link's out-of-date.

    He even posted a picture of his Treo on the site:
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    Here's the ~5 minute clip from the show.... hehe
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    Too bad his buddy is waiting for a verizon version (he better verizonize the 650 himself if he is waiting.)
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    That was some random listener who had called in.

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    I hope Sprint paid him for that info-mercial (he probably got upgraded for free.) Why is everyone making a big deal about the radio waves?
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    Sweet! Thanks
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    I don't know who was "pimpin" the Treo more, Howard or the "random listener"?
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    He actually had another guest on the show later in the morning (some DJ from LA I think) and he also had a 650.

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    this is gettin bad..when i had a sidekick....people on would point every commercial, or every person they saw that had a sidekick....its happening here now too
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    Joebar, I'm a huge Howard Stern fan - how were you able to get that soundclip?
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    I download the shows daily from the alt.binaries.howard-stern newsgroup.

    If you dont know what newsgroups are, you'll need some learnin'

    here's something i found quickly by googling

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    How does he manage to get faxes to his treo?
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    I have an efax account which sends my faxes to my email as tif files and then I use Acid Image Pro to view them.
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