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    i can't believe it's not just a rumor. i just went to my sprint store yesterday (atlanta) and when talked to rep about buying a treo 650, he told me they had just sold 2 treo 660's and i might want to wait for one ( i wanted the latest of course). anyone have a review.
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    He was probably confusing the 650 with the Sprints 'Vox 6600, or just trying to get you to buy that one instead. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Naw, you've just been misled by another idiotic cellphone store employee. Dank you come again.
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    Yup those folks dont seem to be as informed as the general pub.
    I went in about 3weeks after the announcement of the release of the 650 and the store guy said "oh yea the new Treo ACE. We should be getting those in about 6 months."
    had me laughing for days.
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    Like when I went into a Sprint store to see the 650 case and them employee told me: "Those havent even come out yet, why would you need a case?"

    And the phone had been out 3 months already!

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    My local Sprint store didn't know that the Universal VPA will work the 650 by using the pigtail included with the phone. I had to explain FOUR times that I just needed the universal car charger. They kept trying to tell me that they didn't stock the Treo car charger yet.
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    you guys are right, i called sprints new technology department and they said the employee is a moron...
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    LMAO! Ah, well. At least they confirmed their own special brand of idiocy for you.
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    Before I bought my 650 from sprint I was talking on the phone to a Sprint rep and he was telling me about the different phones they had in which you could add memory via the USB memory slot
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    Oh, aren't they cute when they're that clueless?

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