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    I ordered it and have not received it yet. The instructions are really straight forward. Ill let you know how it goes once I receive the pieces.. (have you found anyone that offers the back portion?
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    Back side: don't know. I found this via a Google search. I have the SprintT600 so the face plate wouldn't work. From the description, it's hard to tell whether it is the HS branded faceplate or P1's.
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    Correction, I just got it this morning. Fits like a glove!! Go to ebay and type in treo 600 faceplate. The company is They dont have any on their website because they sell them cheaper on ebay.
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    When did you order it? I ordered one on 3/19 and don't have it yet. I got him on the phone once and he promised to re-send the order. still nothing on 4/2. I was starting to think I'd been ripped!

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