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    I have to get a new SIM card when switching from ATT to Cingular, how do I get my contacts from one phone to the next? Interestingly, not all of my contacts show up on my SIM, so does palm desktop just overwrite onto the new 650? Thanks for any help, I'm getting my 650 next week...
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    I have a similar problem where the phone database was stored on the sim on my previous phone (a nokia) now I would like to go through the list on my PC and sort out the contact list and numbers but there seems no way to sync them from the sim to the treo memory and to the PC for editing?
    anyone else got any idea's
    I do have a bit of hardware called sim mate mini which allows the modification of a sim database but that still doesn't get it on the PC in a format the treo can use or on the treo other than in sim memory.

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