Help me out here guys. I bought my Treo 600 in July and got the first one sold at my Cingular store. I loved it at first, it was great. Palm Pilot, which I've been using for years, built into my cell phone. But after the first couple months I didn't like it as much. I had it in my pocket when I was flying one time and when I got out I noticed the screen was broke. Has a large orange splatter look on part of the screen. Realized Cingular won't do anything to replace it or repair it either. It wasn't really worth the $200 to have Handspring repair the screen. Also, every slightest bump to the unit and the wireless go's off. It's a pain in the ****. Plus the reception seems poor as well as the clarity of the phone. So I'm pretty much fed up with it so I need something else.

I can't have cell phones or camera's where I work now, so that rules out using a smart phone as an organizer plus phone. I've decided I want a cell phone with bluetooth plus a Palm or Pocket PC with bluetooth. I'll plan on connecting the Pocket PC/Palm to the web via bluetooth cell phone. That way I would have a PDA to use at work for calendar/contact info, plus be able to get online via bluetooth phone to acess my POP3 email account.

Please give me any suggestions or let me know if any of you have tried the same. I've been researching this for hours and I don't think I can look at any more tonight.