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    Hi all

    I`m old Psion user.
    I`m sure there are many Psion users on this forum too. pockets are now smaller so I can`t carry on my old buddy 5mx and my cellular at the same time...

    Year ago I bought PocketPc (powerfull Ipaq model) for a while...lets forget about was huge mistake

    This is the list of what I used to use on my Psion.
    Tell me please, what appz for Treo650 can do the same or similar.
    Thank you.

    1. Calendar or Jotter: (psion: build in)
    - inserting hand drawn sketches and voice memos

    2. Exel, Word: (psion:with Neuon Nconvert)
    - editind and viewing .xls and .doc files.

    3. Conversion (Psion: Nconvert)
    - aplication for file convertion: i.e. TGA to JPG, TXT do DOC...

    4. Browser (psion: Opera)
    - Browser which allows secure connection with my bank.
    - saving pictures from web pages

    5. SMS, MMS editing and sending (PhonemanPro)

    6. GPS,( Routeplanner, Streetplanner )

    7. Instalation system
    - apps installed on mem. card are independent from apps installed in the memory of system. If I`ll remove card, there will be no problem.

    thank you again

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    Are you interested in selling your Psion 5MX?? I'm looking to buy one.

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