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    Just an FYI...The March 28 edition of Forbes has an interesting article focused on Blackberry, but mentions the Treo as one of several hardware devices competing with the Blackberry...

    "One million PalmOne Treos have been sold since the device's launch in October 2003."

    But this one is the kicker for me: "Consultancy KPMG last year gave 2,000 employees the choice of sticking with Blackberry or opting for the Treo. So far five out of six have switched. KPMG says it will likely phase out its Blackberry program."

    Makes sense to me, since I no longer use my RIM.
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    I just had a conversation with a co-worker on this subject. He's considering a Treo 650 or a Blackberry 7100. Although the Blackberry is cheaper, depending on how you purchase it, I said that you can't argue with tens of thousands (what's the current count?) of compatible Palm software titles... Not to mention additional functionality present in the 650.
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