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    What does SMS mean? What does it have to do with e-mail, etc.?
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    Short Message Service(text messaging)...different than e-mail. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    It's different from e-mail but nowadays the systems typically interconnect. For example, from a Sprint Treo, you can send an SMS message to any email address and it will be delivered as an email, and anyone can send an email to (the first part of that is a 10 digit phone number) and it will be relayed and delivered as an SMS message.

    There are pros and cons. Sending an SMS is faster than an email because you don't have to connect to Vision and then an SMTP server, it's directly by the phone network. It might work while roaming while internet services usually do not. Also, SMS delivery is push delivered by the network, so it's instantaneous. You don't have to wait until the mailbox is checked. Cons are message length is limited to 160 chars, and of couse no attachments.
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    wow, thanks guys. i feel informed now!
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    man ask a simple question and get one heck of a good answer, That is good stuff to know, thanks
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    could you say something related to cost as please?
    Thx in advance

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