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    I was reading Cnet and they have this article on Intel's future. They had a picture of a bunch of phones that will run Windows, Linux, and etc. with Intel's new chips. In the picture, I see a Treo. Here is the link:

    If it doesnt' directly take you there, it should be on page 12 on the article Iinte's Future.

    Let me know what you guys think about this.
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    The 650 does run on an intel processor, it uses a 312 MHz Intel PXA 270 processor.
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    Oh. So, do you think that article means that maybe the Treo will be running Windows in the future?

    Oh forget it. I tlooked at the article again and it says that all those phones run from Windows to Palm OS. My bad.
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    the caption lists the operating systems the devices will use. Palm os is listed. No news here. Intel makes the processor for the treo and it runs palm os.
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    But a future Windows Treo is certainly not out of the question...
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